These Smart Earplugs Let You Enjoy Ambient Background Sounds

 - May 12, 2016
References: & gizmag
The Hush smart earplugs are exceptionally smartly engineered and designed earplugs that are designed to employ an array of soothing sounds into your ears, rather than employ expensive active noise cancellation technology or use physical design to block sound.

What's great about these smart earplugs is that they allow you to select an ambient sound that you'd like to enjoy in your ears. The options include the vacuum-like whooshing sound of space, the gorgeous roar of waterfall or even the dull drone of an airline cabin. The earplugs are controllable via an app for added functionality.

These smart earplugs are perfect for people who find themselves in situations where they'd like to drown out outside noise but don't necessarily want to listen to music in order to be able to do that.