The Hummus Sandals are Completely Covered in Scrumptious Chickpeas

 - Jan 7, 2014
Food used in inedible ways can make for some intriguing art; these Hummus Sandals are no exception. It might look as though Nilly Mozer of Exact Design took a pair of standard flip-flops and glued garbanzos to it; however, you'll find that the production of the footwear must have been a little more involved.

Look closely at the thong-shaped components and you'll notice that light passes through them. The Hummus Sandals are actually the product of plenty of chickpeas clustered and glued together, forming the entirety of the shoe sole shapes. The indigo-colored plastic straps were likely taken from regular flip-flops, before the leguminous seeds were arranged fixed right around them.

One would assume that the Hummus Sandals are too fragile to wear, but wouldn't they give your feet a nice massage?