This Humane Pest Control System Keeps Unwanted Yard Animals at Bay

 - Jul 30, 2015
References: bird-x
The 'Yard Gard' is a humane pest control system that helps keep unwanted creatures off of your property. While spiders and other insects are easy to eliminate from the home, outdoor vermin pose a different kind of challenge to homeowners. The Yard Gard provides a humane way to keep these unwanted creatures out of your backyard, without relying on dangerous traps or harmful poisons.

The Yard Gard system works by emitting high-frequency sound waves, which will annoy outdoor vermin such as rodents, skunks, deer and more. The sound waves will cause the animals to seek calmer areas, thereby keeping them out of your backyard without harming the creatures in the process. This device is easy to use and can operate on a constant or a motion-activated setting.

The humane pest control system thus provides an easy way to keep your yard free of unwanted creatures, without causing any harm to humans, animals or insects.