Hoyos Group EyeLock Will See that You Never Get Hacked Again

 - May 15, 2011
References: hoyosgroup & designbuzz
As much as alphanumeric passwords keep your private accounts a mostly protected, the Hoyos Group EyeLock can guarantee that you'll never again have you online identity compromised again.

The hi-tech device that this biometrics company has patented will soon be available to the broader public, allowing users to register their various accounts with their own personal gadget.

Internet banking, online auctions, social networking and social media websites are some of the areas where the most security is needed. Plenty of people keep personal information within their email inboxes, and there are countless other websites that may have your credit card number from past purchases.

When you log into any of these pages, you use the Hoyos Group EyeLock to scan your eyeball. If the accurate reading is undoubtedly you, the screen will generate and send you a unique code which will grant you access to the site only once when input in the PIN field.

Photo Credits: CNN Money