The Sabine Marcelis House Wine Kit Displays Fermenting

 - Oct 30, 2011
References: sabinemarcelis & fastcodesign
For those not familiar with the vinification process, especially when done at home, it can be a very tedious and unsightly job, yet the House Wine Kit turns this process into a thing of beauty. In place of hideous plastic buckets, airlocks and hoses, the House Wine Kit uses glass containers, clear tubing and a wood and brass stand that work together to create a work of art, not just wine.

Created by The Netherlands-based design student Sabine Marcelis, the House Wine Kit allows the wine-making process to be displayed proudly in the house, instead of hidden in some basement or garage. To process, a fruity mixture is sealed into the glass vessel of the House Wine Kit and squeezed through a tube via gravity into prone bottles resting in the oak case when ready.