Circulation Throughout House N Curls Up and Around the Complex Spaces

 - Jan 29, 2013
References: archinauten & blog.leibal
It's a popular architectural move to place a flight of stairs to the upper level within close proximity to the front door. But the arrangement conceived by Archinauten Dworschak + Mühlbachler in their House N is certainly something you've never seen before.

After you've entered the Austrian dwelling at garage-level, turn to the side and you'll see a grand staircase, different to the sort you might expect. This interior element is grand in breadth and features enormous ascending podiums that are scaled up three times the size of each step. The entire area is covered with cozy carpet, opening up into the living room.

The whitewashed structure itself seems to be an abstract heptagonal prism. You climb up and down between the floors against the slopes on either side of House N.