Big Chains Offering Naughty Kits For Lovers

 - Apr 5, 2007
References: cmcouples
With today's hectic lifestyles, couples are looking for new ways to reconnect and spice up their relationship--and they're spending their discretionary funds looking for this connection at distination resorts and spas worldwide. In response to this trend, resorts are spicing up the traditional romance offerings with luxury couples packages specially designed to help them rekindle the flame.

To help them delivery the goods, they're turning to Life Elements Inc. a company that specializes in luxurious, spa-inspired couple's bath and body products. According to Martha Van Inwegen, President of Life Elements, there is good reason for this trend. “Personal relationships have a lot to contend with these daysâ€"with conflicting work schedules, conference calls, school recitals, soccer practice--and the BIG stuff like wars, taxes and global warming. Plus we're always “on” and always “connected” with cell phones, pagers and mobile email. It's a lot!” she said. “But, with all this “connectedness”, we're finding ourselves drifting away from the connection that is most important â€" our spouses, family and friends” she continued.

Based upon their own experience, Martha and her husband, Curt were finding themselves looking for new ways to reconnect, including romance packages at destination resorts across the U.S. only to find that the champagne and chocolate wasn't enough. They wanted more, and we're not talking furry handcuffs, or edible body dust! “We wanted a way to first set a mood that opened us up to bonding--emotionally. We wanted a decompression time and not feel like we had to jump under the sheets right away.

And when we did, we wanted convenience. Yet the resorts didn't offer us any tasteful products that would allow us to set that mood. So we developed our own” said Van Inwegen. Their creation--C&M Couples; a natural, aromatherapy bath and body collection that also includes a lubricant and intimacy towelettes.

Since its launch last summer, Life Elements has captured the attention of resorts and spas nation wide, including several Ritz-Carltons, Miraval Life in Balance, Fairmont Sonoma Mission Inn and Spa, Renaissance Inn at Bay Harbor, The Lodge and Spa at Cordillera, Lake Arrowhead Resort and Spa and other high end establishments. The C&M Couples Collection offers two lines, named and formulated to Inspire Romance® and Create Passionâ„¢. Together, they honor the natural yin-yang of every relationship and offer everything a couple needs to tune out the world and tune into each other. Resorts and couples love the simplicityâ€" they no longer have to figure out what products to put together to set the mood.