- Jun 20, 2007
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Bindeez are bright, colourful beads that magically join together with water to create fun designs. What's different about Bindeez is that no heat or messy glue is required. To create easy to advanced designs; all you have to do is follow three easy steps:

1. Make: Choose a design from the wide range of Bindeez templates, load the beads into the patented Bindeez dispenser pen, select a colour and press the button to eject the beads onto the tray.
2. Spray: Spray your design with water.
3.Stay: Leave the beads for around ten minutes and the beads will magically join together to create your very own Bindeez design.

Bindeez are designed to stimulate children's learning at a range of developmental stages. For the younger children, Bindeez teach colour matching, counting and motor skills as they learn to work with the colours and placement of the beads. For the older children, Bindeez help to develop creativity, spatial awareness and construction skills as they create 3D designs and also begin designing their own Bindeez. Children can now practice making templates with the online game at â€" save your template, print it out and make a real Bindeez design.

The latest Bindeez product is the Bindeez Super Studio. The Super Studio comes with a special Bindeez Bead dispenser and a fan to make designing Bindeez even easier! With 800 Bindeez, 2 x Trays, 10 x Templates, 6 x Stands, Water sprayer, Bead removal tool, Bead Scoop and Instruction Booklet, the Super Studio is a great gift for girls and boys aged 5 â€" 11 and is loved by crafty girls aged up to 15.

Visit the Bindeez website where you can download new templates, create your own designs and templates and sign up to receive regular product updates, exclusive designs and much more.