Amuletgifts.Com Offers Good Luck Charms for Your Wardrobe and Home

 - Jul 5, 2010
References: amuletgifts, among its vast collection of various amulet and jewelry items, has a wonderful collection of horseshoe amulet Decor and horseshoe charm jewelry. This includes everything from hanging wall horseshoes, to necklaces and bracelets to keychains. The quality and creativity of these handmade items is truly fantastic.'s horseshoe charms are modeled after horseshoes, as implied by their name. When kept as a talisman, it is said that horseshoes bring good luck. Some people believe that hanging them with the ends pointing upwards is good luck, while hanging it with the ends pointing down is bad luck (all of the good luck will fall out).

Horseshoe amulets are among the oldest and most popular amulets in the world. They were traditionally hung by or above the doorway, and in some cultures they are combined with other Evil Eye protection themes.

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