Shoot Video Horizontally from Any Angle with the Horizon App

 - Jan 17, 2014
References: evilwindowdog & gizmodo
The Horizon app is a brand new camera app that allows you to always shoot in a horizontal landscape when using your iPhone, regardless of how you're tilting your phone.

If you've ever tried taking video with your iPhone, you'll have noticed that when you switch from a vertical to a horizontal landscape when shooting, the camera lens doesn't match your movement and you end up with with lopsided videos of your trip to Cancun. The Horizon app uses you the iPhone's "built-in gyroscope to automatically keep a scene framed...even while it's being rotated."

Available right now in the iTunes store for the newer iOS devices, the Horizon app is there in addition to your camera app, though it's so much better you might just use it exclusively.