The Hook & Knob Provides Double the Storage and Some Wall Protection

 - Mar 7, 2014
References: klauserandcarpenter & core77
The Hook & Knob system will not replace a mechanical handle unless a door is latch-free. What this little doodad does is provide you with a generous place to sling your things with one broad peg and an additional catch.

Designed by André Klauser and Ed Carpenter, the product was commissioned for Canteen restaurants. The idea was to place these along the ends of booth tables so that patrons can stash their jackets, bags and umbrellas before sitting down. So that more individual coat hooks would not be necessary, these were made compound and capable of holding at least a couple of articles of clothing each. The colorful plate of the delightfully functional Hook & Knob set also satisfies as a wall guard to prevent scratches and dirt from getting on to the wood, tile or drywall.