$150 Home Theater Watch

 - Mar 19, 2007
References: gadgetuniverse
Months ago, we started seeing TV Watches pop up. No doubt the concept has been in the imagination of designers for a long time, but the technology is come of age. This new watch might be one of the slickest watch tvs yet... and it only costs $150.

Having said that, this watch does not stream live tv. Rather it plays videos from 2GB of built in storage. Still, this is a wonderful gadget. In fact, this is one of the most amazing and useful gadgets I have seen lately. Can you imagine watching your favorite sitcom, movie or TV show while you come back from work in the bus, subway or in a friend's car?

Picture yourself watching your favorite movie while sitting in your office chair, riding on the train, at the doctor's office, or even while you are waiting in line at the shopping mall! Your friends will want to share the headphones with you on your next flight. Your friends and family will be willing to spend time with you so they can just take a look st one of the coolest gadgets on the market: The Home Theater Watch.