The Hobbit Google Earth Lets Players Confront a Deadly Dragon in Erabor

 - Dec 17, 2013
References: middle-earth.thehobbit & mightymega
Fans of J.R.R. Tolkien can now explore the great dwarf kingdom of Erabor from the comfort of their home thanks to The Hobbit Google Earth Explore Erabor map. Google Chrome has added the great mountain to the list of explorable sites on its recent experiment, an interactive map of Tolkien's Middle Earth melded with Google Earth .

The mountain kingdom of Erabor features heavily in the latest Hobbit Film, the Desolation of Smaug. The former home of the dwarves of Middle Earth, the abandoned mines are currently home to the ferocious Smaug, the dragon who hordes all of the Dwarf gold and treasures. This latest feature to the Hobbit Google Earth experiment lets the viewer explore Erabor and confront the great dragon himself in a conversation that could easily get the player fried to a crisp if they incur Smaug's wrath by offending him.