The History of the Thong Informs You the History of Undies

 - Jul 6, 2011
The History of the Thong is an infographic that is sure to inform female underwear appreciators and wearers alike about the uniquely styled panty.

The History of the Thong proves that this underwear style wasn't just for women. From Ancient Egypt and Greece to even Africa, men worldwide have donned this style. The first modern thong, however, didn't appear until much later, in 1934 when the mayor of New York demanded that strippers wore more clothing.

Of course, no one can forget The Thong Song by Sisqo, who according to this infographic, created a substantial rise in thong sales in 1999.

The History of the Thong also takes a look at the different styles (such as the original thong and G-string).

Implications - Audiences are curious to know information about what they purchase. By providing them with this information via infographics, it is easy to process and highly popular amongst mass crowds.