Valenki Boots Are Cold-Weather Must-Haves in NYC (UPDATE)

 - Jan 4, 2009
References: akaculture & travel.nytimes
Valenki boots from AKA Culture are making a splash in New York city street fashion. While reading an article on today’s NY Times website about the age-old footwear and the popularity they are enjoying in Moscow, I thought I’d dive in a little more.

The felted 100% wool, rubber-bottomed boots have their roots in Russia and are said to keep you warm and dry in even the nastiest cold and wet weather you are likely to met.

AKA’s ultra-hip promotional shots sure do bring an edgy coolness to the stiff, bulky galoshes. They suggest a custom ‘gypsy cut’ to the top edge to add a stylish folded top for an optional fun flair.

The company has a few stores in the US, Toronto and one in Germany. The funky Valenki (plural for Valenok) sell for about $135 a pair and come in various colors.