Solemates High Heeler

 - Aug 2, 2008
References: thesolemates & stylefrizz
High heels, whilst they look sexy to wear, really need Solemates High Heeler attachments to stop the shoes from sinking into the ground or getting caught in a grate or a sidewalk crack. Teetering on cobblestones is also not fun.

The attachments basically increase the surface area at the bottom of the heel. This prevents the wearer’s weight from sitting on a concentrated, tiny area, ensuring the heel doesn’t drive into the ground or stuck easily.

Solemates comes in either black or clear designs and retail for $20 a pair. They are flexible, fit most heel styles and won’t damage the shoes.

The designers who came to the rescue of high heel shoe lovers everywhere are Becca Brown and Monica Murphy who have patented the idea and are planning to introduce mini-styles soon.