The Hi-Cooking Frying Pan Set Integrates Handy Tools into Its Design

 - Feb 13, 2014
References: francescgasch
The Hi-Cooking Frying Pan Set is undoubtedly clever, but it serves up even more convenience than you might recognize at first glance. What we have here is the design of a modern skillet with a handle to which various culinary utensils can be attached.

Francesc Gasch proposes molding grooves into the handgrip of the stovetop saucepan so that specially designed implements can be snapped in. As a few of the most commonly used tools, a stirring spoon, tongs and a spatula/flipper were chosen to be the interchangeable add-ons. When you store the pans, you can leave these utensils attached and at-hand for convenient food preparation later. Additionally, the Hi-Cooking Frying Pan Set keeps you from having to put dirty implements down onto your clean countertop while you cook.