Herd.fm is Starting a Revolution of Mixtape Giving

 - Jan 27, 2012
References: itunes.apple & herd.fm
Remember spending hours creating those 90 minute two-sided mixtapes for someone? That special sequence of music expressing what you were feeling at a certain time… When was the last time you did that? When was the last time you had time to do that?

Herd.fm is a new iPhone app primed to take sharing and discovering music to a whole new level. This addictive and user friendly app makes it easy to share the music you’re listening to on your mobile phone to someone else on theirs. It’s like texting people a mix of music from your iTunes, or sharing a 5 song mixtape in less than five seconds. Cool features include being able to see where your music travels in what they are calling a "Trak Journey" -- a map that displays your location, where you sent your music and where it went from there.

Even better, Herd.fm boasts a stellar recommendation engine that analyzes your music taste by scanning what you’re listening to on iTunes and what you’re sharing on Facebook. Herd.fm instantly sends you a recommendation for new music every time you share music with a friend on Facebook or on Twitter. You can even stream the recommended song without leaving the app through SoundCloud or YouTube or click to download it for free from iTunes.