This App Helps the Blind See by Identifying the Items Around Them

 - Jan 11, 2016
References: & bustle
The 'BlindTool' is a new smartphone app that helps the blind see by automatically identifying the objects around them. While most of us take our smartphones for granted, this app demonstrates just how powerful the devices can be for the visually impaired.

The BlindTool is a free Android app created by Joseph Paul Cohen. Cohen came up with the idea for the app after working with a blind programmer for several years. The app is designed to help the blind see by using image recognition technology to identify and name the objects that the user encounters. The app only takes a second to identify a new object, making it a quick and accurate resource for the visually impaired.

Although the app is still in development, the technology demonstrates how smartphones can make the world more accessible for consumers with visual impairments.