HeliGraphix Staged the First Remote Controlled Human Flight

 - Mar 26, 2014
References: facebook & neatorama
HeliGraphix has done something that people have considered, but have been too scared to do, for a long time. Using two strong RC planes, the team has successfully carried a person.

HeliGraphix is a group of hobbyists who love radio-controlled helicopters. Rather than letting that love sit and manifest itself in leisurely flights out in the park, they decided to strap somebody up and fly them around. This wasn’t just a lift off the ground flight either; some of these flights lasted longer than 40 seconds showing that heavy duty RC copters are a lot stronger than they look.

In the video, we see an adult woman easily lifted off of the ground without any assistance other than the helicopters. It may not be the future of flight but it can definitely make for a fun game with friends.