Silver Nanowire in Textiles Can Conserve 90% of a Person's Own Warmth

 - Jan 13, 2015
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A sub-zero temperatures torment northerners amidst an intense seasonal deep-freeze, people will be excited to learn about a new and amazing heat-retaining fabric. Silver Nanowire has been a source of experimentation for researchers at Stanford University, and they've discovered its superior capacity to keep folks toasty all winter long.

Just one gram of the fibrous metal would need to be woven into a garment, raising the cost of that piece of clothing by just 50 cents. The resultant sweaters, pants, hats, coats and scarves could thus remain lightweight and breathable, yet be able to block the escape of 90% of the wearer's body heat. Think of the implications for lowering home heating costs, or of insulating the very walls that protect us.