The 'QardioBase' Wireless Smart Health Scale Tracks a Number of Metrics

The 'QardioBase' wireless smart health scale is a new piece of equipment designed to make body and weight management a more intuitive process for users.

The 'QardioBase' scale connects to the Qardio app to track certain metrics over the course of an extended period. From here, the user can set goals and learn how to better maintain their overall health without having to rely on guesswork or crash diets.

The 'QardioBase' wireless smart health scale provides feedback to users to let them know how they're doing on the way towards their set goal. The 'QardioBase' scale can be used with a number of different users and will accurately keep track of all the various metrics of each. The scale is also outfitted with a pregnancy mode that helps to keep track of the mother to ensure optimal health for her and her baby.