The Happy Waffle Girls Zip Hoodie Turns You into a Growling Bear

 - Oct 14, 2012
References: amazon & 7gadgets
With a less-than-content look on its face, the So So Happy Waffle Girls Zip Hoodie bares its teeth at people as you wear it. The cozy cotton jumper makes this fluffy brown creature an extremely cute wearable teddy bear with little ears sticking out of the hood.

When you wear this growling hoodie, give people a great big grin to demonstrate just how happy you are in your So So Happy Waffle hoodie. The sweatshirt has bright red detailing including the front pockets, the sleeve caps and the lining, adding a burst of color to its mostly brown body.

Transform into a little wild animal with adorable ears when you wear the So So Happy Waffle Girls Zip Hoodie.