The Handroid Robot Hand is Operated by a Glove

 - Aug 28, 2011
References: singularityhub & neatorama
Scenarios abound in which a remote-controlled robotic limb like the Handroid could come in handy (pun not intended), from medical procedures to science experimentations. Although robotic arms that can be manually controlled are already being used in real-life situations, the Handroid would be able to be used in other situations in which a person could not be directly involved due to safety reasons or basic accessibility constraints.

Developed by Japan-based company ITK, the Handroid "is a five-fingered robot hand that moves smoothly using cables attached to motors in the forearm rather than bulky servos embedded in each digit," as described by Singularity Hub. Operated remotely by a glove, the Handroid itself is lightweight and moves in a decidedly human manner.