The Hammer Jammer Adds a Percussive Touch to Guitar Playing

 - Jul 8, 2014
References: kickstarter & gizmag
The Hammer Jammer is a unique and ingenious guitar attachment that allows guitar players to add a percussive sound to their playing. The attachment allows players to use a variety of buttons at the picking end of the guitar, causing soft or hard hammers to sound the strings, adding a delicious percussive effect.

The attachment is targeted towards young musicians looking for a unique musical sound, as well as older players including those with handicaps and disabilities who may not be able to pluck regular strings.

Once the Hammer Jammer is attached to a guitar, players can begin experimenting by pushing the various raised buttons to see what kinds of sounds they produce. The length of hammered notes is determined by the fretting hand.
The developers of the Hammer Jammer have taken to Kickstarter to attempt to raise funds for further development and production of their product. A pledge of $65 will put potential buyers in line for their very own Hammer Jammer.