This Oil-Free Sunscreen is Made from Halal-Certified Ingredients

 - Jan 13, 2016
References: ibahalalcare & ibahalalcare
India’s first and only Halal cosmetics brand is producing an oil-free sunscreen made from Halal-certified ingredients. For many Muslim consumers it can be difficult to find sun care products that are permissible to use according to Islamic law. Now there is a halal-friendly option for Muslim consumers in India and abroad.

The 'Fairness Sunscreen' from 'Iba Halal Care' is an oil-free sunscreen made from halal-certified ingredients. Unlike other cosmetics brands, Iba Halal Care does not use alcohol, sulfates, parabens or any animal-derived ingredients in its products. It also ensures that all of its products are manufactured according to strict hygiene and sanitary guidelines. As a result, the Fairness Sunscreen is perfect for consumers who require Halal-certified sun care products.

Iba Halal Care's sunscreen is not only ideal for Muslim consumers, but also for those who are interested in vegan and cruelty-free products.