Recycles Car Exhaust into Fuel, Eliminates Greenhouse Gasses using Algae

 - Jul 22, 2007   Updated: Aug 16 2011
Three Welsh fishing buddies claim to have done what mega corporations spending billions of dollars have failed to do. They have developed a device they call “Greenbox” that soaks up exhaust emissions' from gas and diesel fueled engines. The contents of the Greenbox would have to be replaced at every fill up, but the contents will be fed to algae that will eventually be crushed to produce an extract that can be converted to diesel fuel.

Implications - The "Greenbox," they say, could be responsible for changing the landscape and usefulness of Green technology in the modern American city. Derek Palmer, the company's head chemist, is no stranger to high-level tech talks, he has worked for the World Health Organization and GlaxoSmithKline.