The Green AC Makes Comfort Earth-Responsible

 - Jun 29, 2011
References: industrialdesignserved
The first wave of eco-friendly attitudes urged consumers to cut indulgences like heating and air conditioning out completely, but the Green AC by Eric Nyborg exemplifies the growing market for environmentally responsible appliances.

With the help of Mikaela Rehnmark, this student developed a very streamlined product, fit for the homes of the rich, but with a modest ecological footprint that matches that of the poor. An exact explanation for how this contraption qualifies as eco is unfortunately unavailable, but one can marvel simply at the sleek execution of the 3D computer renderings.

Attempting not to copy the bland body of common air conditioner units, the Green AC by Eric Nyborg incorporates green trimming on the vent slats, elegant plantlike icons on the digital display, and a glossy translucent remote control to accompany the system.