Lifestyle Revolution in Manhattan.

 - Mar 10, 2007
References: gramercyparkhotel
The Gramercy Park Hotel in Manhattan is a trendy Hotel with unique fashion touches reminiscent of days past. The design features modern and vibrant colours with decoration that give us a revolutionary feeling. You will enjoy chic environments in every room or at the Bar. The GPH will give you a good taste in your next vacations or business trip to New York City. "The Gramercy Park Hotel's idiosyncratic, eclectic vision offers a perfect modern alternative to the institutional approach one now finds in even the most high-end boutique design hotels. A great hotel is not just a building, its an individual, with personality, spirit and authenticity. It's original, romantic, surprising, poetic and whimsical. It evokes an emotional response like a work of art. Ian Schrager's unique approach and vision has made him the most imitated man in the business. With the Gramercy Park Hotel, the bar has been raised. If you are looking for a unique NYC experience with glamour, this may be your best option."