The Forehead-Mounted Zeo Sleep Monitor Tracks Sleep Habits

 - Jul 30, 2009
References: myzeo & technologyreview
When talking about creativity with clients, I emphasize the fact that without proper sleep, you will be fighting an uphill battle with regards to being creative.

Now, a new sleep monitoring system can track your sleep patterns and tell you if you’re sleeping well or not.

The wireless Zeo system sits on your forehead and records your brainwaves throughout the night. In the morning you can get a report of how well you slept. You can also download the data onto the web so you can track your sleep patterns and get advice from Zeo on how to improve your sleep.

In general this is a great idea and it helps people get some insight into their sleep that they could only get from more expensive sleep studies or by wearing various cumbersome equipment. However, this isn’t a medical device, so while Zeo calls it a "coach," it’s really more of a monitoring system with suggestions for improving your sleep, so if you have medical issues, you’re on your own with getting to the bottom of your sleep problems (though this information could be shared with your clinician).