The Google Sheep View Tumblr Collects Images of Sheep in Google Street View

 - Jun 17, 2015
References: googlesheepview.tumblr & mashable
If you feel towards sheep the way Kristen Bell feels towards sloths, Google Sheep View is the tumblr account you need to follow as soon as possible. The micro blog searches for sheep on Google Street View and it's getting a lot of attention. Created by Ding Ren and Mike Karabinos, the site consists of collected screenshots of sheep appearing on the Google Maps feature.

The idea behind Google Sheep View came from a love of geography as well as watching sheep from train windows in the pair's native country of the Netherlands. The name came from an accidental slip of the tongue, but instead a brilliantly bizarre Internet idea was born. The featured images are mostly taken from rural Ireland, the UK and New Zealand.