Fugue.com's Good News

 - Jun 9, 2008
References: fugue & boingboing.net
This is a nicely done exercise in wishful thinking. A Google News parody was created by a site called fugue.com showing what Boing Boing calls “A brilliantly done spoof of Google News from a parallel universe where all the world's problems have been solved."

In this "parallel world" there is a cure for AIDS in the works; peace in Darfur and between the Palestinians and Israelis in the near future. In the USA meanwhile, president Obama signs the Universal Health Care Act into law and purported home run king Barry Bonds did not cheat with steroids but owes his record-breaking prowess to yoga.

The site is fun to read as it is a very good clone of the real Google News. Just about the only thing that gives it away is the fugue.com address in the browser. Good times.