The GOOD Chair by Benedini Associati is a Solid Piece of Furniture

 - Apr 10, 2011
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Sometimes it's not about how extravagant or eccentric you can get with your home decor; instead, it's about introducing classic pieces into your living space that blend in rather than accent your existing decor, as the GOOD Chair would do. This simple leather seating option is unobtrusive, and its unassuming presence complements subtly rather than loudly.

Designed by Benedini Associati for the Italian manufacturer Enrico Pellizzoni, the GOOD Chair is made out of molded hard leather. It retains its shape thanks to an internal plastic support. The overall seat support is made out of aluminium, while the legs can be finished in chrome, varnished steel, Canaletto walnut or durmast. In general, the GOOD Chair is a solid piece of furniture, despite its delicate appearance.