The Glow Canada Winter 2014 Photoshoot Stars Aubrey Plaza

Often a gloomy and cynical presence on her hit television show, 'Parks and Recreation,' actress Aubrey Plaza shows off her sunnier side in the Glow Canada Winter 2014 cover shoot. Although her expressions are still slightly stoic, her luminescent wardrobe brightens things up significantly. But instead of bringing to mind white beaches and hot suns, it's all sparkling snow and holiday parties.

The Glow Canada Winter 2014 cover shoot, which is titled 'Funny Ha Ha,' was shot by photographer Chris Nicholls. The brunette beauty was outfitted by stylist Juliana Schiavinatto in ethereal creamy dresses and skirts perfect for the upcoming season. In the accompanying article, Plaza reveals, "I’m not afraid of doing ridiculous things in front of people or in front of a camera. But in my own personal life I’m actually, I think, kind of introverted and I don’t know why."