Global Enhancement Via Social Networks

 - Nov 7, 2007
References: & firstgiving
What's the last thing you spent a dollar on? Coffee? Parking? The tax on your groceries?

Bill Clinton started the Global Initiative (CGI), a fund that aims to share the wealth of the world. He is trying to involve younger generations to help shape the future of our global society. These generations are saturated with web 2.0, an outstanding platform for mass collaboration.

"I started CGI in 2005 to help turn good intentions into real action and results." Clinton explained on his site. His recent book, Giving, gives a more in-depth explanation.

"Today's generation of young people holds more power than any generation before them to make a positive impact on the world."

It's not just a speech; Clinton has been able to influenced many people to do something tangible to make a difference. You don't have to look far; one of our newest Trend Hunters, Dane Low, has joined this initiative, setting up a page through First Giving to set up a page for the Room to Read Charity.

"Room to Read provides under-privileged children with opportunities to gain the lifelong gift of education, in order to break the cycle of poverty and provide the means for self-determination," Low Describes. "The purpose of this specific charity is to show the immense power of collaboration."

"The goal is to raise $17K by donation of $1 from 17,000 people to build a school in Vietnam that will give the gift of education to 100s of children every year," Low said.

"I've started by donating $100. I will donate $1 every time $100 is donated until the target is reached. In this way, my generosity will be dependent on other people's generosity. Now that is collaboration for you."

With little time and financial commitment, the world can change dramatically through web 2.0 platforms like social networking sites. Low created a Facebook group and distributed virtual invites to join. The donation page is not based on Facebook; that's on an external page accessed by a link.

Facebook users can join the corresponding group at:

Clinton has asked our generation to step up; I made my donation. Let's all try to make a difference.