Proving 1968 Was Cool

 - Aug 1, 2007
References: mossonline
Could 1968 be cool? Well, this collection Bolle Bottles fits right in with the hippest designs of modern day, but they date back to the swinging 60s. Consider these bottles the retro trend of the day.

These bottles convey a presence that seems quite mystical. They follow the trend of illusion. However, natural beauty is painful, as this set of 5 bottles runs for $7,380. If the price does not discourage you, you can pick these up at Moss Online, who describes, "This series of five bottles, designed by Tapio Wirkkala in 1968 for Venini, employs the "Incalmo" technique wherein two different types of glass, worked separately, are fused together to obtain, within a single object, separate areas differentiated by colors. This technique was developed and perfected by the master glass-workers at Venini."