Gene Simmons Wants to Tap Into Canadian Talent

 - Apr 13, 2009
References: simmonsrecords
Gene Simmons of the legendary rock band KISS is definitely not a stranger to the marketing world.  KISS has had an astounding 75 million albums sold worldwide and a whopping 36 albums in the short span of 32 years. 

I guess that is what is to be expected from the self-proclaimed "hottest band in the world." On top of that, they’ve had their faces on everything from lunch boxes to underwear, and it doesn’t stop there. Gene Simmons also has his own reality show documenting life with his family as well. 

This media mogul wants to continue his evolution from rockstar to reality television star and now head of his own record label. The best part about Simmons Records is that any Canadian band can be a part of it. Bands can go to the Simmons Records website to send in demos, video clips and contact info for consideration.

Simmons' track record proves that he is a sly businessman, and the moneybags that frame his record label logo exude the admirable confidence he has in this new endeavor.

Gene Simmons has already been spotted at various Canadian venues such as the Horseshoe Tavern, the El Mocambo and The Rivioli. Expect to see more of him around Toronto. For those of you outside of Canada, expect to hear more Canadian talent on your radios very soon...