Geco Hirasawa Renders Illustrations From Complex & Inventive Perspectives

 - Feb 14, 2012
References: hira-geco.deviantart & inkwings.tumblr
There are certain ways to see the world that can only be experienced through art, and Geco Hirasawa demonstrates that with her impressive illustrations that employ abstract perspectives. Employing Dutch angles that have been filter through a fish lens or candidly intruding in on a midair fight, Hirasawa captures images in angles cinematographers can only dream of. It supercharges her images with energy and action, while making viewers feel as though they’re witnessing a truly special moment in time.

Unique viewpoints aside, these Geco Hirasawa illustrations are also noteworthy for their rendering style. Hirasawa’s pictures seem as though they’re geared towards younger crowds, which makes the vibrant colors of her images highly appropriate. Her rustic line work is evocative of traditional animation and hearkens back to the golden age of Japanese cartoons when Hayao Miyazaki’s productions reigned surpreme.