The Bat Gnome is a Garden Decor Piece Inspired by the Dark Knight

 - Mar 14, 2016
References: fancy
The Bat Gnome is a superhero-inspired garden decor piece that is modelled to look like a dainty version of the Dark Knight. The quintessential garden gnome is dressed up in Batman's iconic black and yellow costume adorned with an eye mask, utility belt and the infamous Bat signal draped across the chest. The gnome's comic book-inspired design adds an element of whimsy to backyards and front lawns.

The Bat Gnome takes inspired by the traditional design of the garden gnome with white hair, red cap and blue clothing by adorning the figure in the vigilante superhero's famed costume. The statue is dressed up in an all-black suit complete with a blackened beard, cape and a mask to conceal its identity. The gnome is made from ceramic and is available in several other comic book character personas, including the iconic villain Joker.