Gang Dos Bichos

 - Mar 27, 2007
References: & hotelchatter
This is not for you but for your dogs. Gang Dos Bichos, the doggy love motel in Sao Paulo, Brazil can create a party environment to approach the couple of dogs. The idea inspired by thousands of human love motels, which allow Brazilian couples to rent rooms by the hour for trysting purposes.

"For $41 your dog and his mate can copulate in a private, air-conditioned room with a heart shaped mirror on the ceiling for two hours. The room comes with paw print motif, and a special control panel to dim the lights, turn on romantic music or play films.

“The owner has to know what kind of DVD will excite his or her dog,” said owner Robson Marinho said with a chuckle. Oh, and get this, the hotel can arrange for artificial insemination for your pet.