This Game of Thrones Novelty Cootie Catcher is Inspired by Jon Snow

Game of Thrones fans awaiting for the fifth season of Game of Thrones due in April can enjoy playing with this Game of Thrones novelty fortune teller inspired by the brutish character, Jon Snow.

This quirky cootie catcher is reminiscent of the ones children make in elementary school. Fortune tellers are a handmade game that children play to try and foresee what their future will look like by asking a folded-up piece of paper several carefully thought-out questions. This Game of Thrones fortune teller is inspired by Ygritte’s famous line, "You know nothing Jon Snow." Every answer on this fortune teller parodies the decisions Snow makes on the show, whether reckless or thoughtout, with funny likes like "Watch Ygriette get killed by an arrow" and "Kiss atop of the wall." Fans can print this fantasy fortune teller and play it whenever they’d like.