Bookies Predict Big Bucks If Obama Says OHAI or KThxBye

 - Jan 19, 2009
References: lemondrop
I just love the U.K., they will gamble on anything! Bookies are now putting odds on words that might be uttered by the fresh President Obama during his Inaugural Address. Banana? 1000:1; dog words are Labradoodle at 1.75 to 1, and Bulldog is 100:1.

There is no line on a mention of Axis of Evil or Spanish Prime Minister José Luis Rodríquez-Zapatero. Bettson, the site that is taking the bets, says Obama will just as likely say "puppy" as "Martin Luther King." If Bingo night is canceled, then you might want to call your local bookie and put a quid or a bob down on "Mission Accomplished."