Carry the Galactic Republic Passport & Travel Through the Galaxy

 - Jul 20, 2011
References: makemepassport & designyoutrust
The best way to travel through the galaxy -- far, far away -- is to make sure you have the right paperwork, which is where the Galactic Republic Passport comes in handy.

The good folks at The Make Me Passport Company has decided to give Star Wars fans a nice little souvenir by creating the Galactic Republic Passport. Judging by the material and the details in the information pages, I'd say this looks just as authentic as a real passport. I should also mention that according to the company's website, this is offered to the "representatives of humanoid races (listed in the Unified Register of Racial)," which I would assume is the majority of Earth's current population who are interested in traveling. So, since that's in the clear, get your very own passport so that you can reside anywhere in the Galaxy controlled by the Galactic Republic for an unlimited time!