These Avant-Gaga Fashions are Futuristic and Inspirational

 - Sep 10, 2010   Updated: May 19 2011
References: fashionserved
Asian Fashion designer Kim Khanh collaborated with photographer Ha Thuc Nhat Minh and graphic design company Rkudo to create this featured 'Avant-Ga' shoot.

Based on the avant-garde styles of pop star Lady Gaga, these futuristic pieces are all truly unique. The harmony between these elements of art and fashion fosters more inspiration for designers and fashionistas one outfit at a time.

Implications - The popularity of stars like Lady Gaga has helped redefine what it means to be eccentric. Many brands are now pushing the boundaries of fashion by going with unusual, bizarre concepts that are accepted by the mainstream audience. With many consumers unafraid to show off their eccentric personalities, the fashion industry continues to open up its imagination to designs that will shed a light on what it means to be stylish.