How Do You Want to Vote for Obama or McCain?

 - Nov 4, 2008
References: core77 &
With the big election tomorrow that will see Obama or McCain become president, this feature on redesigned voting booths is incredibly timely.

Core77 created a design challenge to create the voting booth of the future. While these won’t have any impact on the Bradley Effect, some designers found a way to make voting a little bit more high-tech, while others thought of ways to make casting that Obama ballot a bit more fun.

"Some are serious, some are playful, and some are politically ironic," Core77 wrote. "A carnival ride where you see the future implications of your vote? A monkey with a tamborine superimposed between the candidates? Throwing rocks at the portraits of the candidates you least like?"

Voting Booth was a 1 Hour Design Challenge, the winner of which was the Voting Tree, by vinishree, featured in the main image above. Second Place was the Portable Voting Booth, by firenzee and third place went to the Bipartisan Shape Sorters, by njessee.