Frustro by Martzi Hegedűs is a New Typeface That Makes Reading a Puzzle

 - Mar 31, 2012
References: & theawesomer
Frustro by Martzi Hegedűs is a perplexing typeface that often requires a second reading by many people. It's inspired by the Penrose Triangle, also known as the 'impossible triangle.'

When looking at Frustro fonts, it's confusing to decipher which side it is facing as both sides simultaneously point in different directions. Not only do these typefaces protrude out, they also look like three dimensional shapes. Reading a paper where the fonts are Frustro-based will definitely take longer than your average Arial.

Hegedűs is a Hungarian designer specializing in graphic design, packaging and typography. His work is mesmerizing and plays a variety of tricks on the human eye. Frustro by Martzi Hegedűs is a new introductory typeface font that's bound to make you go dizzy.