Fox Axes Extras From Rental Films to Aid DVD/Blu-ray Sales

 - Mar 7, 2009
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In a bid to create more demand for sinking DVD/Blu-ray sales, Fox is offering up a new retail premium movie sales model. Consequently, rental films will start to have their extras removed from them starting on March 31, and will be sold to outlets in "light" mode for renting purposes.

The first movies to be rented under the new strategy by Fox will be "Slumdog Millionaire" and "Marley and Me." Not too long afterwards, in April "The Wrestler," "Notorious" and "Day the Earth Stood Still" will also be released with most of the extras taken out. Near the end of April, "Bride Wars" will finish the first month of the new strategy off, scheduled for release on the 28th.

Another incentive to be included for Blu-ray retail sales--which Fox has been doing for about a year with some of their movies--will be to add digital copies which can be copied to your computer from the physical discs.