Kyle Bean's Series Entitled Forbidden Fruit is Dangerously Delicious

 - Jul 9, 2014
References: kylebean & faithistorment
A grim, tongue-in-cheek series of photos entitled Forbidden Fruit explores the dark side of everyday produce.

Commissioned for The Gourmand, a food and culture journal, Forbidden Fruit is the brain child of Kyle Bean in collaboration with photographer Aaron Tilley. In Forbidden Fruit, bananas are wrapped in barb wire, oranges are ablaze, pears have pins protruding from their bodies, and watermelons and apples will leave your face disfigured if you dare take a bite from them. The piece appears to explore the notion that even fruits, no matter how good for you, can nevertheless posses harmful aspects to them, especially if you subsist solely on fruits, like a fruitarian. Though in Forbidden Fruits any minor health risks are deliberately exaggerated.

Being exposed to the twisted photographs of Forbidden Fruit has given me yet another excuse to avoid eating fruits.