Foot Flush

 - Mar 31, 2008
References: footflush & dvice
Hands-free flushing in public restrooms is a must. If you find yourself in a bathroom that's not high-tech with motion-sensors to the flushing for you, I suggest getting yourself a Foot Flush for work; everyone at the office will appreciate it.

It hooks up to a regular toilet and sits on the ground. Once you've done your thing, all you have to do is step on it, and presto! You've flushed, and you did it hands-free!

No one likes touching the grubby lever after they've done their business. You have no idea how many people flush with their foot; that's right, with their shoes which have been through dog pee and garbage on their way to work.

Sure, you wash your hands after you flush, but still, it's gross, so if you can avoid touching handles at all, please do. This foot-shaped gadget is only $29 and if it can save you or your colleagues from contracting some nasty diseases, it's so worth it in my opinion.