Keep Your Toes Cozy in a Pair of Faux Food Socks

These food socks designed by 'Unempire' in Australia have combined two major comfort essentials: food and clothing.

The socks are one size fits all, making them easy gift ideas for all your friends. While patterns on most socks fade in the wash, these designs are knitted into the fabric so they'll always look new and fresh. These socks can make great athletic clothing as well, as they are extremely durable, making them harder to rip. These socks will definitely stand out against other pairs because of their food theme and they're extremely vibrant. When rummaging through your sock drawer you’ll probably get hungry, as some of the designs are sausages and spaghetti and meatballs.

Kids will love these socks, as they're fun and not the typical plain white pair everyone seems to have. Since they're super warm and worn in the winter they'd make great stocking stuffers.